• Graphic Designer for over ten glorious years 
• Thrives on designing materials with a purpose, particularly for non-profits that have big dreams yet small budgets.
• Ninja-like Illustrator Pathfinder skills, a penchant for great type and I can remove an entire tree from the side of a building's landscape as if it were never planted
• As for the world wide web, I've built a few websites in the old school favorite, Dreamweaver with HTML and CSS, dabbled in the myriad of website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and the oh-so-famous, Wordpress – and for transparency: this site is using Behance / Adobe Portfolio
• Even though "Adobe Flash is dead", I've had the pleasure of learning how to code ActionScript and use Adobe Animate 
• I have a growing collection of typefaces and fonts, not necessarily because they are fabulous but because I like to check out what drives others' need to add more to the ever growing world of typography
• To flex my creative skills, I'm an avid crafter and knitter with the magical spark of unicorn personality
• For what I don't know, I make up for with a persistence to find answers and solutions for resources that increase value and decrease costs – I've got a treasure trove of professional, free stock photo, design tools and vendors that benefit the bottom line
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